The Company

         Advanced Engineering Countermeasures, a subsidiary of Clayton Industries where technologies have originated for military
    applications. The company has engineered a directed high energy laser countermeasure (operating in the megawatt realm) which will
    rewrite warfare. This system will eliminate the immediate threat of nuclear and biochemical weapons of mass destruction to the United
    States. The operating parameters will achieve radical dimensions that ballistic missiles (dinosaur technology) can not begin to orchestra.

         The United States does not at present have the technology to prevent a nuclear attack. The current instability in the Middle East and
    the proliferation of fanatical terrorist throughout the world bodes for an ominous future. An effective weapon system must be quickly
    developed as a countermeasure before the next Cold War.  

       “U.S. DIA officials believe that Israel not only surreptitiously obtained restricted U.S. technology in the THEL program, but
    also transferred that technology to China. Of particular concern to DIA have been reports from U.S. contract employees working
    in Israel who saw Chinese technicians “working secretly with one of the Israeli companies involved in the laser weapon
    program,” an unnamed U.S. official told The Washington Times”}. The secondary problem exists in our own borders. A number
    of nuclear weapons strategically placed throughout the US would permanently cripple the US against attacks on our borders.
    Terrorists have already infiltrated the US borders with nuclear weapons or plots to construct the nukes within our borders.
    “According to captured al-Qaida leaders and documents, the plan is called the "American Hiroshima" and involves the multiple
    detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. over the Mexican border with the help of the MS-13 street gang
    and other organized crime groups”. February 8, a London-based Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat, reported that in 1998, in Kandahar,
    Afghanistan, al-Qaeda had bought nuclear weapons from Ukraine using the services of a Ukrainian scientist, whose first name
    was Viktor. Multiple news sources immediately linked this story to the 1997 statement by the late General Alexander Lebed,
    who claimed that a special commission established by the Russian government in 1996 could not account for about 100
    portable nuclear devices (commonly known as "nuclear suitcases"). It would not be feasible to round up all of the terrorists
    within our borders or outside US borders; the development and construction of a weapon that has the attributes to not only
    eliminate the immediate threat, but destroy the threat all together.

        Current weapon systems destroy the on board electronics or create stress cracks on the ballistic missiles; but none of the weapon
    systems of today completely destroy the missile with its radioactive element or chemical solution, and do not have the capability for
    containing the detonation along with its side effects. What makes this problem difficult is the ability to act immediately. The only true
    countermeasure would be a weapon system that can react at a much higher speed (quadrillion oscillations) than the ballistic missile
    itself, and have the ability to create a heat source exponentially higher.  The United States is still vulnerable to a nuclear attack!



          The Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile program was the driving force that established the framework for AEC1993
    countermeasure . The countermeasure that AEC has engineered has the attribute to encapsulate and incinerate the ICBM before or after
    re-entry phase. The proprietary technologies incorporated in the countermeasure platform enables a means to eliminate the immediate
    threat of radiation and capture energy waves spectrum associated with a forced denotation. Below are the operating parameters for the
    Bulava ICBM threat.

    R-30 (Bulava)         


    Reported technical specifications of the Bulava missile:
    Number of stages   3 (two solid boosters and a liquid upper stage)
    Total length with warhead and launch canister         12.1 meters
    Length of the launch canister         12.1 meters
    Length without a warhead         11.5 meters*
    Maximum diameter without stabilizers, raceways and protruding elements         2 meters
    Maximum diameter of the launch canister without protruding elements         2.1 meters
    Launch weight         36.8 tons
    Accuracy         350 meters
    Total mass         36 tons
    Payload         1.15 tons
    Number of warheads         6-10
    Warhead yield         1-1.5 megaton each
    Range         8,000 kilometers
    Stage I          
    Length         3.8 meters
    Diameter         2 meters
    Weight fully loaded         18.6 tons

    *the number is most likely inaccurate, since it leaves only 0.6 meters for the length of the warhead.

    Bulava development and production team:
    Prime developer         MIT, Moscow
    Stage I prime developer; Stage II and III movable nozzle extensions         NPO Iskra, Perm
    Mass production         Votkinsk machine-building plant





   Aerospace Engineering Countermeasures is involved in developing a targeting and navigation suite for the aerospace and naval
applications. This high precision time measurements will be the core of the system's innovative trajectory calculations. The primary
objective of the platform is to detect and interpret moving vectors by configuring specific transition tables (accurate scales) for separation
of the corresponding planes. Objective of these tables to construct precision measurements (determine velocities) for varying target
vectors in the distance order of 10-21.    In order to ensure proper calibration of the technology the system will incorporate an advanced
etalon to correct for mode spacing. Calibration will be checked and verified by a remotely placed sensor banks. This technology is
configured to detect submarines (nuclear or diesel/electric) at any depth including sub-terrain caverns.


 Joules (J)               TNT Equivalent                                        Notes_____________

3.9 x 1007                                                                  Navy 64 Mega joule Rail gun
1.9 x 1009                    454 kg                               Tomahawk cruise missile (TLAM-C)

6.3 x 1013                     15 kt 1                                      Hiroshima “Little Boy”

8.8 x 1013                                21 kt                                         Nagasaki “Fat Boy”

5.0 x 1015                     1.2 Mt                                       B83 nuclear bomb

3.8 x 1016                       9 Mt                                        B53 nuclear bomb

2.1 x 1017                    50 Mt                                         Tsar Bomb device (Russia)

8.9 x 10²¹plus                                                           WidowMaker (Clayton Industries - Countermeasure)